Trusted Criminal Defense Attorney Providing Battery & Assault Defense For Pocatello Clients

Facing an assault and battery charge is nerve-racking and overwhelming, as the potential consequences can be devastating. Emotions usually run high in these cases, so turning to a level-headed and knowledgeable criminal defense attorney is key. Working with Bird Law Offices will give you the composure and strategy you need to fight these charges and make sure your rights are being protected.

Refuse to Allow a Battery & Assault Charge Destroy Your Life

Attorney Ron Tyler Bird, Esq. is a former prosecutor and understands how quickly emotions can escalate in difficult situations. As humans, we are subject to passionate outbursts that we ultimately regret. However, one moment of error should not negatively impact the course of your life. Call Bird Law Offices today to make sure you have the best possible defense if you find yourself charged with assault and battery. We help good people in bad situations.

Here to Help You Overcome the Legal Obstacles

With an impressive 25+ year practice, Ron Tyler Bird, Esq. has made the freedom of his clients his top priority. If you have been charged with battery or assault, you need an assertive criminal defense attorney to represent you through the legal hurdles. Give Bird Law Offices a call right now for more information and to schedule your free case evaluation.

You do not have to face an assault or battery charge alone. Contact Bird Law Offices at (208) 232-0222 right away to schedule your free case evaluation with a trusted criminal defense attorney. With over 25 years of experience, Ron Tyler Bird, Esq. proudly serves Pocatello clients and aggressively defends their rights.

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