Idaho Falls is the county seat of Bonneville County, and is the largest city in Eastern Idaho. Idaho Falls has approximately 60,000 residents, with nearly 200,000 residents in the Greater Idaho Falls metro area. The city is a populous hub for eastern Idaho and western Wyoming. It has been named in many publications’ “Best U.S. Cities to Live In” for many years, due to its proximity to outdoor recreation, history of economic success, and the high quality of life enjoyed by its residents.

Early History

The makings of Idaho Falls began in 1865 when a Montana Trail freighter, Matt Taylor, built a toll bridge called Taylor’s Crossing spanning the Snake River. This bridge made further westward migration possible, as well as the displacement and massacre of the Shoshone native Americans in 1863. The bridge also increased industry in the area, as freighters and gold miners were able to cross into Idaho from the towns already established in Montana.

Eagle Rock

Idaho Falls was originally called Eagle Rock, which began receiving mail service in 1866. The town began to grow at a steadier rate with the granting of water rights in 1874. The expansion of the Utah and Northern Railway to the area in 1878 brought more people, saloons, dance halls, and shops.

The Birth of Idaho Falls

In 1891, the town voted to change its name to Idaho Falls, in reference to the roaring rapids near the original toll bridge. A few years later, the construction of a retaining wall for a hydroelectric power plant transformed the rapids into falls. In 1895, The Great Feeder — then the largest irrigation canal in the world — began diverting water from the Snake River and aided in converting tens of thousands of acres of desert into farmland. People were now able to plant and grow sugar beets, potatoes, peas, grains, and alfalfa, and Idaho Falls became one of the most agriculturally productive regions in the country.

Idaho Falls Today

Today, Idaho Falls is a culturally active community that draws visitors and tourists from neighboring cities and states. Each year the city holds fun annual events, such as the Melaleuca Freedom Celebration (held on the Fourth of July) and the Roaring Youth Jam. Other things to do include weekly farmers’ markets, the Museum of Idaho, and world-class fishing on the Snake River. The city was recently named in National Geographic’s “100 Best Adventure Towns.”

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