Blackfoot is an Idaho city in Bingham County, located on Interstate Highway 15 between Pocatello and Idaho Falls. It has approximately 12,000 residents and is the county seat of Bingham County.

It’s Taters, Precious

That’s right, folks! Blackfoot is the single largest potato producer in any one geographical area in the world. Everything in the city is potato-oriented, and they even have a tater museum: the Idaho Potato Museum. The museum houses both the world’s largest baked potato and potato chip.

Early History

Before becoming the potato mecca it is today, Blackfoot was inhabited by the Native Americans who fished and hunted off the Snake River. It was settled in the 1860s by Frederick S. Stevens and Joe Warren, who were both fur traders. The men and their friends essentially drove the Natives away from the area by threatening them and acting aggressively. The makings of the town came together in the 1870s when the railroad was extended to the area popular with fur traders.

Blackfoot officially became the county seat of Bingham County in 1885. It is widely accepted that bribers from the town sealed its fate by offering a bribe to the city clerk, who erased ‘Eagle Rock’ (now Idaho Falls) and wrote in ‘Blackfoot’ the night before it was to be signed into legislation. A tension between the two cities languished for years afterward.

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