Effective Misdemeanor Defense for Jerome Clients

We all make mistakes. Even good people find themselves in bad situations from time to time, but it doesn’t mean that your life should be permanently ruined. If you are facing a misdemeanor charge, Bird Law Offices can provide you with an aggressive defense strategy to make sure your future remains bright. Experienced criminal defense attorney Ron Tyler Bird, Esq. is a former deputy prosector, so he understands the criminal justice system from both sides. His extensive knowledge of misdemeanor charges and convictions allows him to seek innovative legal strategies that will effectively protect your rights and safeguard your future.

Helping Good Jerome Residents in Bad Situations

Although misdemeanor convictions carry less severe consequences than felonies do, they can still impact your future prospects in many ways. A misdemeanor conviction can result in a jail sentence, expensive fines, or probation. You may also find yourself facing new restrictions regarding employability or custodial rights. Additionally, prosecutors may seek to raise your misdemeanor charge to a felony charge, further impacting and restricting your freedom. If you are facing a misdemeanor charge, it is best to take action immediately by contacting Bird Law Offices for your free case evaluation. No matter the details of your case, Ron will work tirelessly to defend your rights and protect your future.

Take Action Today

Dedicated criminal defense attorney Ron Tyler Bird, Esq. has been defending Jerome clients for over two decades. He understands how intimidating misdemeanor charges can be, and he is here to treat you with the compassion and respect you deserve. If you or a loved one has been charged with a misdemeanor, call our office today to keep your future as bright as it can be.

Bird Law Offices has helped Jerome residents with their misdemeanor charges for over 25 years. We accept all cases, no matter the circumstances. Call us today at (208) 232-0222 to schedule your free initial case evaluation.

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