Because Idaho’s state probation laws are severe, any violation of those laws can put your freedom at risk. If you live in Idaho Falls, a parole violation can lead to the reinstatement of your previously suspended sentence—that can mean months or even years in prison. A dependable and experienced attorney at your side can help get your violation sentence reduce—or keep you out of jail.

The state has a lower burden of proof In probation violation cases than in other types. So having an experienced attorney like Ron Tyler Bird, Esq. represent you is essential. Ron was a former deputy prosecutor for many years, so he understands the legal system from both sides of the court. Defending his clients in court hearings is just part of it—Ron also offers proactive options for client defense that include anger management, drug and alcohol, and anti-theft programs.

Withheld Judgment or Clearing Your Record

If you’ve been granted a Withheld Judgment, a parole violation could jeopardize that judgment. This means that the court may see fit to re-sentence you to the maximum sentence on the underlying case. A probation violation can also put at risk any efforts in striking a conviction from your record. To maintain your chances of either avoiding detainment or clearing your record, you should get a legal pro who will fight for your rights.

Since 1996, Idaho attorney Ron Tyler Bird, Esq. has helped good people in Idaho Falls in bad situations. If you’re currently facing a probation violation case, call (208) 232-0222 to get a free case evaluation.

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