Committed Battery & Assault Defense for Idaho Falls Residents

If you’re facing an assault and battery charge in Idaho Falls, you need a thorough and compelling defense strategy to take you through your trial proceedings. Building that strategy requires a criminal defense attorney with the kind of acumen and skill that can help render a favorable outcome for you. Contact Bird Law Offices today to schedule a free case evaluation.

Don’t Be Defined By an Assault & Battery

Sometimes when we act emotionally, we may end up doing something we regret. But an assault and/or battery charge shouldn’t automatically shape your destiny. You deserve access to professional legal help in order to protect your rights and freedom. Bird Law Offices is here to help.

Helping Good People in Bad Situations

For many years, attorney Ron Tyler Bird, Esq has helping good people in Idaho Falls overcome their adverse legal circumstances. If you or someone you love faces a potential assault and/or battery conviction, you should get the robust, professional legal help that Ron offers. Call Bird Law Offices today to learn more about his two decades of experience with assault and battery litigation.

Bird Law Offices offers thorough and effective assault and battery defense services to clients in Idaho Falls and throughout Idaho. Call our offices at (208) 232-0222 for a free case evaluation.

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