Dedicated Attorney Helping Burley Residents Facing Reckless Driving Cases

If you’re facing a reckless or inattentive driving charge in Burley, some severe punishment may be in store. These may include having your license suspended, paying expensive fines and possibly doing jail time. Bird Law Offices can potentially help you beat your reckless driving charge in court, or try to get your penalties reduced.

Defending Against Reckless and Inattentive Driving Charges

Penalties that you may face for reckless driving generally get more harsh with each repeat offense. For your first reckless driving conviction, you may be punished with a 30-day license suspension, six months in jail, and up to $1,000 in fines. Repeat conviction punishments may include a three-month suspension of your driving privileges, a 12 month term in jail and/or $2,000 in fines.

According to Idaho vehicular law, there’s a distinct difference between inattentive driving and reckless driving. A distracted driving charge arises from action on the road that’s inattentive, careless or imprudent instead of heedless or wanton, or when the driver’s actions result in only slight danger to people or property. But a distracted driving charge can incur penalties that include up to three months in jail and/or a maximum $300 fine.

Helping Prevent Your Drivers License Suspension

Idaho courts work on a penalty points system that corresponds points on your record to each traffic violation that you incur. If you accumulate 12 points within a year, you’ll earn a 30-day license suspension. That can definitely affect your life if your reckless driving arrests happen while you use your commercial drivers’ license (CDL). Even if you weren’t driving for work or driving a commercial vehicle when you committed your violation, your CDL can be penalized. Bird Law Offices can help you avoid a license suspension and possibly get all your traffic violation penalties reduced. We help good people in bad situations.

Attorney Ron Bird Jr. is a dependable defense lawyer who also has many years of experience as a former deputy prosecutor. That gives him invaluable insight into how to create a solid criminal defense. He may be able to work out a fair settlement with the DA on your reckless or inattentive driving charge, or beat the charge at a jury trial. Call Bird Law Offices at (208) 232-0222 today for a free case evaluation.

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