Experienced Attorney Providing Felony Defense for Burley Residents

The felony charge you face can change your life forever. For one thing, there may be some harsh consequences ahead, including an extensive trial, jail or prison time, and heavy fines to pay. Your felony will also harm your personal life and professional reputation. So above all else, your felony case makes it necessary to get an attorney immediately.

The Legal Experience and Wisdom You Need in a Tough Time

In addition to over 25 years of experience protecting client rights as a criminal defense lawyer, Ron Tyler Bird, Esq. has years of experience as a former deputy prosecutor. This combination makes him invaluable in building an effective defense strategy for your unique case. Ron’s approach is simple and solid. He’ll discuss the details of your case fully with you, absorb the specifics, and litigate for you as a person—not a case number. At Bird Law Offices, we initially seek to negotiate felony matters with the district attorney directly, with the ideal goal of getting your charges fully dismissed. But if necessary, Ron will go to court with you to defend your rights, freedom, and reputation with everything he’s got.

Got Older Cases? Act Now to Help Salvage Your Record

If you’re not facing your first felony charge, Ron can help you get your prior conviction dismissed or reduced to a lesser charge on your record. Contact Bird Law Offices immediately to start meeting your hearing and paperwork deadlines.

For over two decades, Bird Law Offices has provided exceptional criminal defense to residents of Burley and throughout Idaho. No matter the details of your case, call our office at (208) 524-4448 to schedule your free case evaluation.

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