Assault and Battery Defense for Blackfoot Clients

Few criminal charges require as urgent and comprehensive a defense strategy as any case involving assault and battery. Assault and battery cases are emotionally taxing. If you or a loved one are facing one, it’s imperative that you access a criminal defense lawyer with the judgement and experience that can help render a more favorable outcome for everyone involved. Call Bird Law Offices today to schedule a free case evaluation.

Don’t Be Defined By an Assault and Battery

Despite our best intentions, sometimes we act on our emotions and do something we regret. But that’s no reason to let a charge as glaring as assault and/or battery shape your destiny. As a resident of Blackfoot, you deserve to have your rights and freedom protected. Contact Bird Law Offices today.

Helping Good People in Bad Situations

For many years, former deputy prosecutor Ron Tyler Bird, Esquire has been committed to helping good people withstand bad situations. If you or someone you love is confronting charges related to assault and/or battery, it’s essential that you get strong, professional legal aid as soon as you can. Call Bird Law Offices today to learn more about Ron’s 25+ years of experience with assault and battery litigation.

Bird Law Offices offers highly qualified assault and battery defense services to clients in Blackfoot and throughout Idaho. Call (208) 785-4321 to get your case evaluated at no cost.

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